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Which Is Better For Flashlight Rechargeable Or Lithium Battery?


Which is better for flashlight rechargeable or lithium battery system? Do you’ve any idea regarding this? If not, then you’re going to be in trouble while buying a flashlight for yourself. Before deciding which battery is better to let’s talk about the types of battery available in the market.

Types of Flashlight Battery

With the passage of time, technology has emerged a long way and so it is in the battery industry.

Alkaline Battery

These are the industry leading batteries. The most important feature of these batteries is availability. You can find this battery at every shop near you at the cheapest price. Due to the availability and price, it is a very popular item in day to day life.

Considering the performance, these batteries generate very less power for any advanced device. As your flashlight supports the latest technology these won’t suit. Considering price, availability, and performance alkaline battery couldn’t be on the list to buy.

Lithium Battery

The lithium battery is much better than alkaline battery comparing component quality, performance, and longevity. Due to power efficiency, it is preferable. On the other hand, it is expensive and not available as alkaline batteries near your home. If you don’t want to charge your battery over and over again then go for the lithium battery. It is portable and replaceable. Such battery works better in higher voltage even more than 3 Volt.

Rechargeable Battery

This is the new trend and mostly used. Once you buy a flashlight having rechargeable battery feature you need not think about it for a year. Just plug into power and get charged the battery within few minutes. Power capacity is much better than other types of batteries. Other batteries need to replace or buy again once they get empty. But these batteries get fully charged without any hassle of replacement & disassembly. It lasts for a couple of years depending on the manufacturers.

Which Is Better For Flashlight Rechargeable or Lithium Battery?

If you know the details about how to choose the best flashlight battery then you already got the idea which flashlight battery is better. Because the selection factors are very similar.

While choosing the best flashlight battery you’ve to remember some factors. First of all, you’ve to ask yourself which purpose you’re going to use a flashlight for. If you want to buy a flashlight for adventure purpose then you should take care of the long lasting battery so that you have your flashlight would be charged up for a longer time. In this case, you need to take lithium batteries because you might be out of network and electricity. Considering the purpose you can take a decision within a second. The other factors to choose the battery type have been enlisted below.


Rechargeable battery price is more than lithium. But in the sense of longevity, you can easily take it. Because changing lithium battery frequently can cost as same as the rechargeable one.


Lithium is portable. You can take extra battery if you need to stay out of home for few days. Rechargeable battery needs several components to be charged up.

Light Efficiency

Light intensity is better for rechargeable batteries than the lithium. And the power capacity also. Considering the current carrying capacity rechargeable battery performance is better.

Electricity Leakage

In lithium battery sometimes it leakage current with the flow of more current through the flashlight but for the rechargeable battery it is very less. So, there would be no risk of getting leakage current shock.

Final Words

It’s so horrible if any gadget or important device doesn’t work properly. So, it is better to have a better product from better manufacture companies. Otherwise, you can’t make up your costing. Nobody can take your decision providing some so called logics. We tried our best to depict the factors in front of you. Just consider the factors and decide which is better for flashlight rechargeable or lithium battery.

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