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When Was The First Flashlight Invented? – A Brief History

When Was The First Flashlight Invented

When was the first flashlight invented? Do you have any idea? Let’s learn something regarding this together in this article. From the beginning of time humankind has been in a need for a portable source of light. There are various candles, fire torches, and kerosene lamps to carry around. But these are dangerous, as the source of light is a flame. And this is risky and unsafe. Yes, this was a major problem, but the human race has once again come up with a satisfactory solution. We all have a flashlight with us or in our home. With modern technology, there are various types of hand-held flashlight and pocket torches. But when was the first flashlight invented?

When was the first flashlight invented

The year 1896 was an evolution one, as it was in this year when the invention of the first dry cell battery came to the place.

First Dry Cell Battery

Image source: https://www.acs.org/

The dry cell battery was manufactured by National Carbon Company, Columbia. It became the first commercially available battery in the US.

We all know the company by another name in today’s time, Energizer.

The electrolyte in the Columbia, battery was a paste instead of a liquid state which enables the dry cell to function in any position without the risk of spilling out. The invention of the dry cell represented an ideal portable source of energy for a portable source of light.

While some may argue but the English Inventor David Misell invented the first ever torch in 1899. On January 10, 1899, David Misell obtained U.S. Patent No. 617,592. This patent assigned to American Electrical Novelty and Manufacturing Company. Today this company is popularly known as Eveready.

Here is a picture of the patent which was obtained by the inventor.

first torch design

Image Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/

Quick Fact about Flashlight

Who invented flashlight: David Misell

What year was the flashlight designed: 1899

Where was the flashlight designed: U.S.A

How does a 1899 flashlight produce light?

Unlike the modern flashlights, it had a power supply of three D-size dry cell batteries. These batteries put in a tube-like compartment similar to the modern age design.

How does a flashlight produce light_1899_Eveready_flashlight

Image Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/

The batteries were the source of energy for the small incandescent light bulb which would glow with a simple contact switch to turn on and off the flashlight.

They came to be known as “flash” lights, as these could not emit light for a prolonged period. As the first, torches operated on zinc-carbon batteries, these were not stable and thus the flashlights would not work for a longer time.

When was the first flashlight made successfully?

The First Flashlight

an Evolution or a Disaster. They were an industrial development there is no doubt. But were those people successful? Sadly no. The first flashlights did not sell too well despite being a big step towards a better life.

There are two reasons for such a disaster, firstly unstable and improper performance of the batteries. Secondly because to the ineffective carbon-filament bulbs.

A second chance

But all was not lost, the flashlight was back, learning from their past events. Torches made more efficient all thanks to the tungsten replacing the old carbon filaments and new improved batteries.

Significant milestones in the lifetime of the flashlight

1866- George Leclanche, the French inventor, created the first battery. Unlike the cells we see today, it was a wet cell battery and was not portable.

1879- Thomas Edison, the American inventor, and business person invented the first incandescent bulb.

1910- Tungsten filaments were designed replacing the carbon filaments.

1959- The first alkaline batteries appeared for prolonging the battery life of flashlights.

1963- The development of new improved lithium batteries.

1967- Invention of the first rechargeable light.

1968- The first fluorescent lantern.

1999- Lumileds Corporation of San Jose, California, introduced the first light-emitting diode, LED.

Who invented the first battery-powered torch?

Names in the hall of light

David Misell, the English inventor and Conrad Hubert, a Russian immigrant, and designer have given a lot of their contribution to the world of the flashlight and their improvement.

Conrad Hubert established the American Electrical Novelty and Manufacturing Company, later which renamed to Eveready.  Hubert is also the founder of the National Carbon Company, which is known as Energizer. Both of these remarkable people have worked together. Hubert has also bought most of the patents of Mizell and developed the designs.  

Why was the flashlight invented?

Let there be light!!!!!!

The human race has come a long way with its improving technology. The flashlight is a small part of the industrial revolution but never the less it is one the most important one.

With better batteries to better LEDs, flashlights are improving even as we speak. They have been a part of our lives for a long time now, replacing the older dangerous sources of light.

As the quotation from The Bible says “let there be light” and flashlights have done just the thing.

Let’s have all the information together together graphical presentation.

History of Flashlight

Final Words

With this, we have come to the end of this article. We hope this has been a conscious one for you in knowing when was the first flashlight invented. You can also refer to our other articles to have a better understanding of the world of flashlights, past or present; we have it for you.

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