Surefire X400 Review

SureFire has been a reliable brand in illumination tools production industry for a long time. You will find a good number of SureFire Flashlights out there in the list if you search for the best options available. For quality tactical lights, the company is an unparalleled production house. The Surefire X400 Ultra Weapon Mounted Flashlight is a great unit in its line.

The hard anodized aluminum made light is strong and lightweight. You can mount it with both long and handguns. A maximum 600 lumens white-light emission and an integrated red, green, or IR laser sight will make the target more visible and granted. The unit is best for the applications to range from close to medium in any scenario. The light can be used for various activities like general search, self-defense, law enforcement purpose, and military objects. You can know every possible detail here in this Surefire X400 Review. We have tried to focus every important thing about the torch.

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SureFire X400 Ultra Series LED WeaponLights: Feature Analysis

We have tested the unit from different angles- light emission capacity, performance in high lumen mode, performance in low lumen mode, recharging, charge duration, durability, strength, technical flaws and some other related things. What does our test result say? Check the following SureFire X400 Review.

Let’s check out them-


Strength and Durability

The SureFire X400 Ultra is made of hard anodized aluminum to last long. It’s strong yet pretty lightweight. You can’t feel the weight when it’s mounted with a weapon. The torch is built in a way that you can use it for self-defense not only by flashing it to the attacker but also by hitting them with it in any close combat. This is strong and hard enough to hit a human body in case of self-defense without causing serious damage to the light.



Apart from the metal structure, the light is equipped with O-ring, tempered window, and gasket seals that make the X400 fully waterproof and impact resistance for certain cases. It’s an all-weather condition tactical light that will provide brilliant illumination every time.



The light can emit a maximum of 600 lumens that produces a bright white-light all around its focus. There are 3 different types of focusing sight- Green, Red, and IR. The versatile beam with the TIR lens shape will allow the light to focus on both – long and short range. The sight helps to make your target more visible to your eyes even in a foggy condition. Both the surefire x400 ultra green and surefire x400 ultra red will provide you the same illumination. The only difference is in their laser sight color.


Attachment On A Weapon

As the light is only 0.5 pounds weighty so it’s not a tough task to attach it to any weapon. It won’t create any extra weight or burden for the weapon user. Being so lightweight, it won’t affect the shooting range of the weapon. The integral T-Slot Mounting mechanism (aluminum made) will give a solid-rock attachment, no matter if its long gun or handgun. The only requirement is that the gun should be equipped with the MIL-STD 1913 rails.


Versatile and Easy To Use

The Surefire X400 is a versatile tactical flashlight. It can be used for various activities like general search, self-defense, law enforcement purpose, and military objects. The light comes with an ambidextrous switching located at the rear of the body. You can operate the switch with a single finger by pressing either side for momentary-on and flip up or down for constant-on. The momentary-on setting is specific for blinding the attacker. You can another switch located there at the rear of the light, which you can use for activating the white light only and laser sight only. For disabling the whole torch, you also have to use this switch. You can download the surefire x400 manual pdf for detail instruction. It’s pretty simple and easily written.



It’s completely affordable for the purchasers. You can get the unit at a lower price than its competitors. People say it to be the cheaper version of Streamlight TLR-2. When it comes to justifying something like Surefire X400 vs Streamlight TLR-2, it becomes tough. Actually, the Streamlight TLR-2 is the best light, but not everybody can afford it. On the other hand, the Surefire X400 is best in its range. If you have enough money, then you can go for the TLR 2, otherwise, we suggest you get a SureFire X400.

Benefits of SureFire X400

Huge numbers of user appreciations, experts’ certification, best sold unit etc. don’t give a certificate to any product that it’s free from flaw. I have everything to prove it a worthy and most reliable topper, but still there are few shortcomings in it. We always try to place the right things, the truth inform of out respected readers. 

  • Strong and durable;
  • Versatile uses;
  • Superb illumination with ltra-high-output LED;
  • Run 1.75 hours on a set of batteries;
  • Highly visible green, red, and IR sight;
  • Waterproof and impact-resistant;
  • Rock-solid attachment on mounting;

Negatives of SureFire X400

  • Attachment screws need to be handle with double care;
  • Plastic made switch is a shortcoming of this product;

Last Words

The Surefire X400 Ultra Weapon Mounted Flashlight is one of the best in its category and price range. This provides a brilliant white-light with superb vision and visibility. You can get it at a very affordable pricing. Users have appreciated the light massively. And, the rest has been explained above in the Surefire X400 Review. You can rely on it for various purposes. So, investing an amount to purchase it won’t bring any loss to you.

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