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SureFire P3X Fury Review Guides

SureFire P3X Fury Review

Out there in the market you will find huge numbers of high quality, reliable, and LED technology handheld flashlights. You will find some of them are good fit to you. And very few of them, you can see, will be less expensive along with the previous facts. The SureFire P3X Fury Dual-Output LED Flashlight comes to the 2nd category! Yes, this is a high quality, stylish, and reliable flashlight that will meet all of your lighting requirements. But concerning pricing, this is a bit expensive.

With three cell 123A batteries and advanced LED CREE feature, the Surefire P3X Fury Tactical flashlight will provide a dazzling lighting of maximum 1000 lumens. Full loaded battery can provide over 2 hours of consistent and regulated ultra-high output lighting. It’s an ideal option for them who are searching for reliable, top-notch, and consistent-high-output flashlight.

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SureFire P3X Fury Reviewed Features

Key Features

  •  High-strength aerospace grade aluminum body;
  • Virtually indestructible regulated LED emitter;
  • Micro-textured precision reflector;
  • Tempered and coated window resists impact;
  •  Maximum light transmission;
  • Gasket and O-ring sealing;

A bulk of user-friendly features has turned the Ultra to be one of the most significant SureFire P3X Fury available out there on the market. We have analyzed most of the vital features.

Let’s check out them-


Aerospace Grade High-Strength Aluminum Body

The SureFire P3X Fury is made from one of the strong yet lightweight material “Aerospace Grade Aluminum”. That means the light is strong, lightweight, durable and reliable from being fragile. The entire body of the P3X is shaped amazingly! The deeply machined finger notches will allow the users to grip the light firmly and eliminate the knurling framework used commonly in the previous handheld flashlights made by SureFire. Later, a matte black hard anodizing cover the whole body of the unit. This anodizing prevents the light from being corroded, scratched, and abraded.


Advanced LED Technology

The great flashlight from SureFire employs the CREE XM-L LED system. This is the latest, powerful LED technology from CREE, the LED production giants. Now, when set to a maximum output mode, this LED bulb delivers a total of 1000 lumens of ultra-bright light. This is equal to a beam of 22,000 candelas. As the bulbs are indestructible virtually so there are no filaments to burn down or break. In addition, the bulbs are regulated digitally so that it can provide maximum light output.


Dual Mode Operation

The P3X Fury Intellibeam has dual mode operational capacity- low and high. The tail cap will provide 15 lumens light at the first press. On the second press, you will get everything the P3X has to offer, and it will go up to 1000 lumens which is the highest lighting capacity of this flashlight. For making the flow of light continuous, press a little more the tail cap switch.



The Fury P3X runs on 3 CR123 3.2-volt lithium phosphate batteries and has a sleek. The light can run nearly 60 hours at 15-lumen setting (I mean it), and 2.25 hours at 1000-lumen setting. Both the setting are perfect in their own working areas.

You will thank the SureFire for the lighting standard and money saving opportunity (you won’t need to buy the expensive lithium batteries by yourself, rather its integrated there in the light). Lithium batteries are high in energy density and more efficient than the regular batteries. So, never try to use any other battery in this light as alternative or replacement except the lithium phosphate. We recommend you to use quality lithium batteries only from Energizer, Panasonic, Duracell, or SureFire.


Weather and Impact Proof

Concerning the water and impact resistance, the SureFire flashlights are always smart; they [lay really cool in this sector. The P3X isn’t an exception too. Gasket and O-ring sealed P3X is literally a fit-for-all-season flashlight that is free from water insertion. Any element like moisture, fog, dirt, mist etc. cannot get into the flashlight. And, you don’t need to worry if it drops down suddenly unless the height is more than 1 meter.

Benefits of SureFire P3X Fury

Huge numbers of user appreciations, experts’ certification, best sold unit etc. don’t give a certificate to any product that it’s free from flaw. I have everything to prove it a worthy and most reliable topper, but still there are few shortcomings in it. We always try to place the right things, the truth inform of out respected readers. 

  • All USA Made;
  • Powerful LED technology;
  • Precision Reflector;
  • Compact yet lightweight;
  • Far reaching beam (Intellibeam Technology);
  • All-out light transmission;
  • Extended runtime;
  • Double output capabilities;
  • Lifetime warranty;

Negatives of SureFire P3X Fury

  • Expensive;
  • Low mode first; Non-tactical UI;
  • No strobes mode;

Final Thoughts

This is all about the SureFire P3X Fury Review. Like every other product, it has few drawbacks. We think it could be better if the low mode was not designed this way (at first press). And, at such expensive flashlight should have been equipped with the strobes mode.

Other than these, this is a brilliant option for the uses. As regards battery life (usually, flashlights mainly face this problem), this light has excellent track records. You can trust the unit in every way- performance, durability, reliability, portability, all-season compatibility, and many more. Overall, we have found this unit as a worthy choice.

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