How does a flashlight produce light?

How does a flashlight produce light

“How does a flashlight produce light?” Have you thought this is necessary to know the answer of this question for each and every user of flashlight? Yes, this is necessary to take care of your flashlight for long lasting usage. Previously we have spoken as to what’s a flashlight is made of. Today friends we … Read more

Who Makes the Best Tactical Flashlight?

Who Makes the Best Tactical Flashlight

Before buying any flashlight it is suggested that you know about who makes the best tactical flashlight. Because awareness of brands will guide you in a mannered way to buy the best rechargeable flashlight.  We would like you to know what a tactical flashlight is. It is a military grade flashlight. It can be a handheld … Read more

Are Cree flashlights any good?

Are Cree flashlights any good

We would like to start off by not answering the question are Cree flashlights any good? Right away, but instead, fill you up on Cree the company itself. Cree is one of the leading LED manufacturing company based in Durham, North Carolina. Cree introduced itself in 1989 with the blue LED. People often talk about … Read more

10 Best Rechargeable Flashlight Review

Best Rechargeable Flashlight

    Best rechargeable flashlight buying guide is mandatory for you if you are planning to go for making outdoor programs like hiking, camping, sailing, fishing, etc. They are also useful while using them for indoor purposes during the time of sudden power cut or load shedding or the other emergencies. Rechargeable flashlights are well-equipped … Read more

What is a flashlight made of? – Facts You Should Know About Flashlight

what is a flashlight made of

Rather than starting with the question “what is a flashlight made of ?”, we would like to start by saying what a flashlight is. A flashlight even known as a torch in some countries is a portable device used to emit light. The source of light is an incandescent bulb or LED which has taken … Read more

What are lumens in lighting?

What are Lumens in lighting

To purchase a flashlight for personal use, it is mandatory to know What are lumens in lighting first. Myth: Higher watt in a bulb means brighter light.Fact: Watt indicates power/energy consumption. I would like first to clear the most common fact that we get wrong. We’ve bought 50W or 60W bulbs in our Easter years. We … Read more