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Outlite E6 High Powered Tactical Flashlight

Outlite E6

​When it comes to tactical illumination, there are not many flashlights that you can refer to as reliable. But what does being tactical flashlight entail? Well, for starters, it means durable and strong material. It is lightweight, and with a powerful light, capable of illuminating the dark spot sufficiently.

Outlite E6 High Powered Tactical Flashlight is the kind of light we are talking about. But what is this that makes the light a good option for anyone? We find out in the following paragraphs.

Lisa Marie 

​Outlite E6 High Powered Tactical Flashlight Features

​We tested the light in several ways to determine durability and strength, illumination, and charge duration among others. We then provide our final verdict in the concluding paragraph.

Let’s check out them-


​Durability and Strength

​The Outlite E6 is one light that features rugged aluminum construction. That means the light easily takes shocks from different sources and still manages to remain in good shape. It is the kind of light that you can use in a combat situation and inflict some severe brow on the opponent.

Most LED lights require a heat sink to wick the heat it generates, away. Unfortunately, we could not locate a heat sink on the flashlight. That means, E6 cannot stay on for long periods without burning out.

It is water resistant but not waterproof. The sliding mechanism for the zoom function seems to be its weakest point where water may penetrate when pulling it back.

So who makes Outlite flashlights? Well, the manufacturer of these are units Lattice Bright.



​Together with the zoom function, the flashlight is 6.5 inches and 5.75 when retracted. The beam has a slight blue tint, uniform when wide. It has five modes: low, high, medium, strobe and SOS. There also a key ring light, with one mode, only sufficient for up-close illumination.

Another important observation made is the fact that the two lower modes are too low to provide any meaningful illumination. However, the light needs a set of powerful batteries to perform at an optimal level.



​The flashlight comes with all the charging accessories you need to get you started. Specifically, the package includes a pair of 18650 batteries, a plastic tube for the battery and of course, a charger – practically everything.

The Benefits of Outlite E6

​The benifits comes out with Outlite E6 is given bellow:

  • ​​Comes with all accessories to get you started, including a pair of batteries and charger;
  • ​A rugged and durable aluminum construction;
  • ​Five modes including strobe and SOS;
  • ​Easy to use;

The Shortcomings of Oulite E6

  • ​The flashlight may not be fully water resistant;
  • ​Both the low medium light modes do not appear to be helpful;
  • ​No heat sink;

Last Words

The E6 tactical flashlight can be a good buy for anyone in need of a reliable flashlight. However, the fact is that there are better options out there, with better features than the E6. The tactical flashlight would make a great secondary light, but you may need to have better batteries and keep it off the water. 

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