Who Makes the Best Tactical Flashlight?

Before buying any flashlight it is suggested that you know about who makes the best tactical flashlight. Because awareness of brands will guide you in a mannered way to buy the best rechargeable flashlight. 

We would like you to know what a tactical flashlight is. It is a military grade flashlight. It can be a handheld or in conjunction with a gun.

Handheld lights

Flashlight and Gun

They are usually restricted to use with a handgun, but you sure can have them for your personal use, or even as a Halloween prop. Mostly you can see them getting used by the police or the military.

Weapons Mounted lights

flashlight mounted gun

Weapon mounted lights, sometimes called weapon lights offers a person “hands-free” use, allowing the person to control a weapon with both their hands. They own on/off switch which is easy to use. Mounted lights are comfortable in using on rifles, shotguns, even with a handgun.

Who Makes the Best Tactical Flashlight?

Who Makes the Best Tactical Flashlight

The world is blooming with favorite brands manufacturing flashlights and even tactical flashlight. It is safe for us tosay will be discussing in this article the best brands in the world making tactical flashlights. The company  who makes the best tactical flashlight are very professional to their work. There a lot to choose from, so we have taken the liberty and set up the top brands for you to choose from.


Streamlight logo_Who Makes the Best Tactical Flashlight

Streamlight is registered company located in Eagleville, Pennsylvania. It specializes in manufacturing flashlights with rechargeable and disposable batteries. The company has been serving us more than two decades now. The ability to fulfill customers’ satisfaction has led to their present popularity. They are one of the top brands selling handheld flashlights, from different sizes to colors of LED light.


Maglite Logo_Who Makes the Best Tactical Flashlight

Maglite is a USA company based in Ontario, California. It was initially introduced in 1979, yes people the company is that old. And with improving technologies, they are still among the top manufacturers of the flashlight. The flashlight made by Meg can be said to represent one man’s abiding commitment to supplying quality flashlight. It has some iconic design in flashlights.


Surefire logo_Who Makes the Best Tactical Flashlight

Again here Surefire is an American company based in Fountain Valley, California. Their main featured products are flashlights, headlamps; weapon-mounted lights and laser sights. The company was founded in 1969, which specialized in industrial lasers. Now they have a vast product line, each among the top in the market. The company also sells lithium batteries for the flashlight.


fenix logo_Who Makes the Best Tactical Flashlight

Fenix is a Chinese manufacturer of flashlights. The Asian people are never behind when it comes to delivering of technology and also satisfying their customers. It is one of the leading sports lighting brand and one of China’s national high-tech enterprise. Their products are famous over 100 countries, mainly in North America. Fenix is developing and taking the LED performance level as we speak.


inova logo_Who Makes the Best Tactical Flashlight

In the world of handheld and portable miniature size, the brand you are looking for is Inova. In the world of mastering the power of LED, Inova has made a mark for his name among the leading brands. The company made its debut in 1989, based in Boulder, Colorado. Their mission to create innovative, solution based products with high quality is what which keeps them to go ahead.


nitecore logo_Who Makes the Best Tactical Flashlight

A new rival, a future legend is born yet again. Nitecore is a Chinese brand making his debut in 2007 in the intensely competitive world of the flashlight. The company was a two major product line: flashlight and charger. The company offers one of the best tactical operations, handheld and outdoor lighting products. It sure is amazing to see the Chinese brands to be among the best.


thrunite logo_Who Makes the Best Tactical Flashlight

Here is another new member in a hall of fame, it may be new, but it walks among the titans in the world of the flashlight. It introduced itself to the world in 2009, based in China. The company offers you to choose from various handheld models. If you are looking for a new brand to try out, then Thrunite is sure a brand to go for.

Final Words

We are here to help, and we sincerely hope this article has provided you with enough information for you to choose from the top brands in the flashlight. Each of these brands specializes in selling tactical flashlight, both handheld, and weapon-mounted lights. So as we say goodbye, who makes the best tactical flashlight? We leave the judgment to you people. Have a luminous adventure.

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