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How To Clean Battery Acid From Flashlight?

How To Clean Battery Acid From Flashlight

If your flashlight is not working properly as your batteries are caught by corrosion then, it is mandatory for you to know how to clean battery acid from flashlight.

To find out the best flashlight is a difficult task for human who need it badly. They need to find out the best flashlight among so many manufacturers and distributor companies. But more difficult task is to take care of your flashlight that you’ll buy with your hard-earned money. To provide you the best tips for taking care of your flashlight we’re going to discuss how to clean battery acid from flashlight.

Flashlight goes ON only when the connection between battery and light is made. Due to corrosion battery can’t make contact with the surface and the flashlight as well. So, to make a clear conductor path and let the electricity pass you need to wash and remove this corrosion as quick as possible.

Let’s dig the ways of how to remove acid from flashlight battery step-by-step.

How To Clean Battery Acid From Flashlight – 6 Easy Steps

Step 1: Collect Necessary Tools

To clean acid you need to collect the necessary tools like water, baking soda, a bowl and a toothbrush to mix baking soda with water and your flashlight obviously.

Step 2: Disassemble Flashlight

First of all, open the cover or your flashlight where batteries are kept. Then, remove all the batteries off the flashlight carefully. Sometimes, due to the corrosion battery gets stuck with the flashlight inner surface. Use a solid and rigid tiny stick to hit the battery so that they get rid of the surface.

Step 3: Mix Baking Soda with Water

Take your bowl and put some baking soda inside. You can put water on it or make your brush wet. Do any one.

Why Baking Soda?

Baking soda is a chemical ingredient that neutralize the effect of acid and remove the corrosion easily from the surface of the flashlight.

Step 4: Wash Battery Placing Area Carefully

Make your brush wet with water. After that, take some baking soda with the wet brush and put the paste in the surface of your flashlight in the inner part where batteries are kept. You may repeat the process for several times depending on the ingredient quality and size of your flashlight.

Step 5: Keep Aside to Dry

After putting the paste inside carefully and wash with baking soda with a soft toothbrush you’ve to keep your flashlight in a dry place for at least 12 hours. It is better to keep it for 24 hours. Because you need to dry all water otherwise the battery couldn’t conduct well. So dryness in a good manner is mandatory.

Step 6: Assemble Again

After your flashlight equipment are dry well you can put all the things at their places accordingly. Take the vacant flashlight and the batteries. Put all the batteries inside one by one. Then, put the cover of your battery. Finally press the ON button and your flashlight would be alive. Cheers!


If you buy your favorite flashlight in exchange of your hard earned money you should have the knowledge to take care of it regularly. Cleaning the battery acid is very important part of this. Take steps before your flashlight gets stuck with corrosion. Acid damages the path of circuitry and hinders the current flow and electricity can’t make the way of lightening up the flashlight. Review the above steps on “how to clean battery acid from flashlight” carefully and give your flashlight a longer life.

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