Coast HL8R Review

Coast HL8R Review

If you know about the Coast HL8 Headlamp, then it will be easy for you to understand how good the Coast HL8R Headlamp is! The later one is equipped with every feature of the previous one along with some other newly added smart features. The main added feature in this unit is the rechargeable battery pack. In addition, a higher output feature makes the Coast HL8R far powerful and effective.

The Pure Beam Focus and Twist Focus technology have been integrated to the Coast Rechargeable Headlamp. With them, you can shift the light to a long-reaching spot from a wide flood lighting. You won’t need to do something serious for that, just change the direction. In addition to that, you can get a full view around the focused spot with the transition halo mechanism.

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Coast HL8R Review- What We Found in Our Test

In order to write this Coast HL8R Review, we have tested this unit for 3 days. We spent nearly 9 hours in 2 days and 13 hours in another day. Our findings are as follows-

Let’s check out them-


Sturdy Construction and Impact: Resistant

The Coast HL8R is made of aerospace grade aluminum, which is sturdy and lightweight. You will see the casting superb due to the ultra-strong metal. As the unit is sturdy so you can get it highly impact-resistant. The black hard anodizing cover makes the light scratching and corrosion protected. It has a maximum weight of 349 grams including the batteries.

We are seriously impressed by the build standard of the HL8R. You can’t find any corner cut in this unit. The bands are excellently built of dense elastic nylon, all the cables are dense and brilliantly reinforced all around the plugs, twist locks are connected together, and both the battery packs are covered by a durable twist lock shell. You just need to press the power button. With a satisfying click sound, it will start to work. The rotating knob will control the lumen output brilliantly without any slipping. Overall, it’s a perfectly designed unit to use with ease and comfort.


Rechargeable Battery

The HL8R Headlight has a high-capacity Lithium-Ion battery pack, and there is a 4 x AA alkaline battery pack in addition. You can use it as a place for traditional batteries when necessary. The batteries are extremely well-built and powerful. They are special and last for a long time, no matter you are charging them continuously.

The Li-ion batteries can be charged up by the USB cable included in the light package. You can insert into a USB port to a computer or USB adaptors. If you want to recharge it on a car, then you need a separately purchased car adaptor. Your battery pack will be supported by a 915 mm extension cord, which you can use anywhere like a backpack.


Operational Modes

The lithium-ion battery pack has 3 different runtime according to the 3 different light output mode of the headlight. These are-

  • High output mode: 800 lumens; 214-meter range; runtime is 4 hours and 15 minutes
  • Mid-output mode: 245 lumens; 119-meter range; runtime is 12 hours
  • Low output mode: 50 lumens; 55-meter range; runtime is 62 hours

If you use the AA alkaline battery pack, then the scenario will be a bit different-

  • High output mode: 750 lumens; 207-meter range; runtime is 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • Mid-output mode: 245 lumens; 119-meter range; runtime is 4 hours
  • Low output mode: 50 lumens; 55-meter range; 47 hours

Switching Between Two Battery Types

The switching process between the two different types of battery packs is quite handy. When you switch from the rechargeable battery pack to the AA pack, the first one loses some of its charges. Even when the temperature is low, it loses charge. But, AA batteries are cold temperature resistant. So, we suggest you use the AA battery pack at the time of comparatively extra cold.


Warranty and Customer Support

You will get a 5-year limited warranty that will cover the repairs and replacements. Although you would hardly need to go to warranty service. And, if you go then you will just find a brilliant customer support system.


Key Features at a Glance

  • Aerospace grade aluminum
  • Removable battery packs
  • Z Cord in headband
  • Hinged beam adjustment
  • Adjustable elastic straps
  • Twist focus control

Benefits of Coast HL8R

Huge numbers of user appreciations, experts’ certification, best sold unit etc. don’t give a certificate to any product that it’s free from flaw. I have everything to prove it a worthy and most reliable , but still there are few shortcomings in it. We always try to place the right things, the truth inform of out respected readers. 

  • High-brightness;
  • Steady and well-built straps;
  • Comfortable on head;
  • Adjustment knob;
  • Batteries are easy to access;
  • Great focus and dimming;
  • Waterproof and impact-resistant;
  • Well-built and reliable;
  • Rechargeable batteries;

Negatives of Coast HL8R

  • Focus ring stiffness reported;
  • Cheap battery pack spring;
  • The straps are very small;

Last Words

The Coast HL8R is a brilliantly designed and high output headlight. The lightweight structure, powerful batteries, ample light, and a robust set of quality features have made this light a top-notch unit. Its’ durable and impact as well as weather resistant. So, you can use it in any situation for so many purposes like hiking, rescuing the lost hikers, site maintenance, commuting towards your paths etc.

Overall, this is a strong, durable, and brilliant light-emitting headlight that will fulfill your light requirements.

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