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A Penlight is an essential element if you want to find out some very specific and tiny things. In our regular life, sometimes it becomes necessary to find out something under the bed or under the table where reaching is quite impossible. In these places, light can enter a little bit. To detect something in such area we need penlight. Without a penlight, we can’t find out anything important there. On the other hand, when you need to go for a tour for doing adventurous things and want to make your baggage lighter than you have to choose the penlight instead of a flashlight. In this article, we’ll represent some best penlight reviews for the year of 2018.   

List of some best penlight reviews of the year of 2018

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CREE XPE2 LED Tactical Flashlight Review

Tactical Pen Light LED Flashlight CREE XPE2-LED R3 can be counted as one of the right penlights of the market as it is portable, affordable and also is known well for its long lasting quality.

It’s a pocket-sized penlight which is waterproof and also made with materials which can barely be affected. The accurate measurement of this fantastic product is the length of 5.5 inches and the body which has a diameter of 0.87 inches which concludes it with a pleasant portability. The brightness of this product is just astonishing because it provides lumens up to a hundred and you can beam up to a distance of 50 meters and last but not the least its light source is LED which most of the people seek. The brand of this company is pretty famous for making this product and it is considered to be one of their best products until now!


It is One of the Cheapest Ones: This product is not only cheap but is one of the cheapest products which you will find in the market and obviously you won’t want to throw away 50 bucks for only a pen light.

Unlike Many Other Products, it is Water Resistant: This proves its durability. You will find a minimum amount of penlights which will have this quality.


This product’s design is comparatively not that much good and is very simple., It is not bad but it could’ve been a bit better.

Streamlight ProTac EMS review

Streamlight 88034 ProTac EMS is a product which was built mostly for medical operations and a lot of more stuff like that and now this product is one of the most famous ones and is used all over the world. I would’ve listed this product as the first of this list if its price was a bit lower.

However, this product is affordable but the price is a little higher than the other products. A legendary battery life of 1.5 hours and on the other hand it is kinda portable but not as portable as some really light products. It weighs 2.2 ounces which is barely a perfect weight and comes with different color. An intriguing fact about this product is, it was designed by some medical professionals and is mostly used for operations.


An Awesome Battery Life: Sometimes you want to go out in the dark for adventures and you would definitely want to take your penlight with you because it is more fun with the penlight in the dark and if you stay the whole night you will need a huge amount of battery life and this product provides you at least 1.5 hours of charge time.

It Comes with Different Colors: Unlike the first product this product has got color variations which is something which attracts the customers.

A Pretty Good Design: It was designed by medical experts as I said before and they have certainly done their job nicely.


This product is a bit more expensive than most of the other products on the market.

Streamlight 66118 Stylus Pro Review

Streamlight 66118 Stylus is a penlight with high specification and is durable as well. This is a penlight which will be favorable for everyone because it is cheap, has a good design and the specification of this product is extremely updated as well.

The LED light of this penlight will be able to provide up to 950 lumens and the beam is of 58m. The most astonishing part of this product is its battery life which is about 6.5 hours on average, well, no penlight will provide you such a long duration of battery life. Overall, you can say that this product will be a wise decision if you go for this one. 


High Specification: LED light with providing up to 950 Lumens and goes extremely far and on the other hand, such an awesome battery life, such a magnificent product it is.

Comes in Different Colors: This product has got 4 color choices and all of the products looks extremely good. As the design is good all the colors which they made available suit this product and makes it look alluring.


The Buckmasters Blaze Orange Camo with Green LED costs extremely high compared to most of the products.

Final Words

To make your regular task smooth and flashy go for some best penlight reviews and choose the best one. In 2018 technology has us so easy with powerful penlight around. So, get your favorite one and make the day memorable along with your adventure.

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