5 Best Lights for Makeup Reviews

They say first impressions are most lasting and there’s no better way to create a first impression better than the way you groom. For ladies, a makeup kit is an everyday essential – a girl should not be seen without makeup, it is a taboo!

However, having the best makeup kit will not mean anything, if you don’t have the best lights for makeup. The thing is lighting effects makeup application in a significant way. Woe unto you if you have fixtures that produce insufficient lighting and it will not be a surprise if you get the wrong kind of attention from your peers.

Lucky for you, we are going to list a variety of lights that will help your makeup application, and kill it out there!

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Best Lights for Makeup Reviewed Features

A bulk of user-friendly features has turned the Light for Makeup to be one of the most significant lights available out there on the market. We have analyzed most of the vital features.

Let’s check out them-


#1. Conair Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror - Lighted Vanity Mirror

The Conair Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror is the kind of makeup light fixture that any lady would be proud of having in her bathroom or makeup table. It has the right features to help you get the best out of your makeup application. The double-sided lighting rotates 360 degrees to provide the correct magnification to see any imperfections that need more work.  

And you will not need to worry about electricity bills, as it features energy saving incandescent lighting that produces a soft glow to eliminate any dark spots.

When it comes to appealing, the chrome finish on it is the winner. But does it have a role to play in makeup application? Well, the attractive polished chrome finish is pretty encouraging for some of us – it helps us feel good in every way and produce the best makeup to impress our acquaintances.
At only 3lbs, the lighted makeup mirror is lightweight. You can bring it along to any room that you move to, as long as it has an electric socket.

However, the light may be too dim for some people to achieve sufficient illumination. The light may also be a source of imperfect makeup application when the light is faulty or when it needs replacement.


#2. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp, Flexible Gooseneck Table Lamp

You can still opt for a multifunctional light as makeup light. Several features make this light ideal, and it includes the eye-friendly light. That means the light will be gentle on your eyes, as you apply a little more eyeshade to match with the lipstick. It is uniform and will not hurt your eyes by flickering. The light will also not lead to eye fatigue as you spend a significant amount of time searching for the perfect shade.

When we talk of a multifunctional light, we mean a light like TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp which you can use for various functions. Correctly, you can use it as a reading light or a source of secondary light to provide illumination in the house.

It has seven brightness levels and five lighting modes that you can choose from. It means that you can have numerous combos to choose from, and you will find the right one to illuminate whatever activity you are doing.

Another thing you will love is the energy saving ability, the light boasts. The LED can save up to 75% of the energy that your typical incandescent bulbs utilize. That means you will never have to worry about you make up light using too much energy.

The light is sleek and elegant that you can take with you where your friends are in the sitting room and not worry about anything. And when using it as a makeup light, you can benefit from its flexibility which is entirely something else. The light features a flexible goose next that helps you vary the direction of illumination as is necessary.

However, the light is all plastic, and which may affect its durability. It is not that heavy at the bottom and may fall over at the slightest touch. Furthermore, the light may not be ideal as a makeup light.


#3. Neewer RL-12 LED Ring Light 14" outer/12 on Center with Light Stand

Specifically designed to provide sufficient illumination for makeup, Neewer RL-12 LED Ring Light has all the features that any lady would appreciate. For starters, the light is foldable and quite portable. That means you can quickly set up the light in whatever room or space you want to do your makeup.

It features 55W LED lights that provide the necessary illumination to your face for that perfect makeup application, to make you stand out in the crowd. It utilizes the contemporary LED technology that does not use a lot of energy.

Other convenient features, anyone that loves technology will appreciate include the smartphone holder, Bluetooth receiver, and a color filter. It is a light that is, merely pure joy to have and use.

When you are stepping out for an evening dinner meeting, you need a dimmable light that can help you vary the makeup, consistent with the lighting environment you are going into, and which is entirely different from the daylight. The makeup light is fully dimmable which means you can dim from full light to zero. It is lightweight, and you do not need the help of anyone else in the homestead to move it.

Some of the shortcomings may include a wobbly stand. Constant use can affect the sturdiness of the stand and which many people don’t like. It may also come without instructions.


#4. Easehold LED Vanity Mirror Make up Tri-Fold with 21Pcs Lights

What makes this product one of the best lights for makeup, is the wide-angle viewing provided by three panels it features. The feature makes it easy to see your facial features and brush up the imperfect spots. Its built-in LED lights are ideal, especially in poorly-lit areas. That means you don’t have to depend on the room lighting to have the perfect makeup.

It has a touch-sensor switch that makes turning on and off, an easy task – and even sophisticated. There is usually a good feeling when operating touch devices.

The trifold design that the light boasts make it easy to move around. Folding it protects it from dust and other things that may affect its durability. Another convenient feature that the light has is chargeability, and you don’t have to rely solely on AC connection. It utilizes four AAA batteries.

The light is USB-changeable and comes with the USB cable for that purpose.

It can easily stand on the tabletop, and there’s no need of propping it against the wall. The light is natural to adjust, and you can quickly get a comfortable viewing angle. And for the ladies that love jewelry and stuff, the mirror has a recess on its base for this purpose.

For some people, the illumination may be too dim, and there may be durability issues with the product.


#5. Natural Daylight Lighted Makeup Mirror / Vanity Mirror with Touch Screen Dimming

You will not find many makeup lights with easy to use functionality. The lights are dim as you press and hold to acquire the ideal light for makeup. It boasts a swivel rotation that goes up to 180 degrees around. That makes it easy to check your head and chin to make sure they are alright and consistent with your overall makeup.

The product comes with an additional and detachable magnification mirror for convenience when you need to fine-tune the makeup in your forehead or chin. It is a high-definition mirror with bright LED lights for proper illumination of the face. There is also a dimmable functionality for efficient lighting suitable for the application of makeup.

The mirror is lightweight and cordless and suitable for taking it with you wherever you feel a better place for the serious activity of making yourself look good.

Some of the associated shortcomings include, the light is a bit too dim for some people. It may not be sufficient by itself. Additionally, you may need to handle the mirror with extra care since a mishap can cause an injury. But overall, it is decent makeup mirror that you can rely on to make yourself the most beautiful, for the day.

Tips on Using Lighting in Makeup Application

If you are tight on budget, and you don’t have access to the best lights for makeup, then your next best option is daylight. Many makeup artists would agree that standing by a window is twofold better than using insufficient lighting to apply makeup. Natural light will help you identify the spots that do not blend well and help you make the appropriate changes. In particular, sunlight provides the most accurate image of your face.

The way you see yourself under sunlight is what others will see. Unfortunately, sunlight isn’t always available. There are cloudy days, and of course, you cannot ever run to the window for makeup application.

There are also fixtures on the market that produce a beautiful natural white light. Modern LED lights have the benefit of not getting too hot and produce sufficient illumination for makeup application. If you find a light with adjustable height, the better, as it would help reduce the shadows on your face.

The next best light for makeup application is incandescent lighting. The incandescent bulbs are not only energy efficient, but they also provide a decent warm color glow that helps achieve an even application of makeup – you will not miss a spot when using a good incandescent light.

Many people tend to install overhead lights, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, makeup lighting should be directly in front of you to remove any shadows that can stand in the way of makeup application. In other words, avoid using overhead lights when applying makeup.

The same case applies to downlight, never use it. Downlighting casts shadows on your face and can make you look older than you are – it may discourage you or make you over-apply the makeup.

When installing makeup lights, make sure you achieve cross-illumination to diminish any chances of having shadows on the face. Avoid installing the lights solely above the mirror as it may force you always to tilt your head upwards and in the process, affect the precise application.

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Lights for Makeup

  •  Brightness: The ideal illumination usually is between 60 and 65 watts. There are also good LED options that are between 75 and 100 watts. Too much lighting can lead to over application of makeup, making you look too synthetic.

    Avoid looking like a cartoon character by choosing a light that closely resembles daylight. You see, you are outdoors for a good part of the day, and you don’t want to look good only indoors where there is artificial lighting.
  • Color: There are different lights with different colors out there, and if you have no idea of what you should be looking for, you can end up with the wrong variety. Yellow light can cause over-application since it makes you look washed-out.  

    The rose-colored light, on the other hand, produces a beautiful warm glow, but they are not ideal for makeup application since the illumination is insufficient to see what you are doing. Save the rose-colored light for those romantic moments with your better half.  

    Fluorescent lighting is the least ideal for makeups. It removes all the imperfections, and you may think that you look the best only to emerge and attract the wrong kind of attraction.
  • Portability: If you are the type of person that loves moving around in the house, then a portable LED light fixture is what you should be looking for. A portable light also makes it possible to move the light around, and achieve the right illumination as you apply the makeup.

Last Words

The best lights for makeup will help you achieve perfect illumination to bring out the best image of yourself as you step out. The kind of lights you choose can be the difference between a genuinely successful image and a fail. Naturally, we are social beings, and an appealing image always has a way of gaining the right kind of attention, whether in business or other activities.

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