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5 Best Light Bulbs for Bathroom Reviews

Best Light Bulbs for Bathroom

​If there is one room that is deserving of the best light, it is the bathroom. The bathroom is the place where we run to, every morning to prep ourselves to face the day ahead. It is also the place where we get a chance to look our best to impress out there in the world and fulfill our objectives. Life is more comfortable when we are seeking, and feeling our best.
As a result, illumination in the bathroom is critical. It can be the difference between a successful pitch and a source of unwanted attention – you know how much image matter for the human species. In the following write up, we discuss the best light bulbs for the bathroom in the hope that you locate your ideal.

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​​Best light bulbs for the bathroom Reviewed Features

A bulk of user-friendly features has turned the ​best light bulbs for the bathroom to be one of the most significant ​bulbs  available out there on the market. We have analyzed most of the vital features.

Let’s check out them-


​Hyperikon PAR38 LED Bulb Dimmable

​There’s so much you are reading about LED lighting, and most of it is, naturally right. LED lighting technology is among the most innovative, and lets you achieve better lighting, cheaply. The Hyperikon PAR38 LED Bulb Dimmable recessed lighting is ideal for your bathroom for a variety of activities. For example, you can have several of them on each wall for perfect makeup application lighting.

The light features an efficient dimmability, from full lighting to 20%, allowing you to achieve the ideal bathroom environment. The light is especially ideal for those that need to catch up on the evening dinner by providing a dimmed lighting as an ideal evening makeup illumination – remember that it is necessary to mimic the lighting environment you are going to, for the best results.

The dimmability feature is also ideal when you need a serene bathroom environment to wash off all fatigue collected during the day. The lights are versatile, and you can use them in any room within the house. In other words, it can be a great garage light, kitchen light or living room light. Its dimmability feature also makes it ideal for the bathroom, where you need just the right amount of light not to interrupt your sleep – important for better sleep.

Not many lights would last in damp locations. However, Hyperikon PAR38 LED Bulb Dimmable is not what you would compare to your standard light as it survives damp locations such as the outdoors and bathrooms – designed to overcome high humidity.

The LED light gives off a beautiful and bright white light that illuminates your face adequately, without the nasty shadows.

Unfortunately, some users complain about their durability. They talk of some pieces burning off after a few months – quite short compared to the 21 years lifespan the manufacturer claims.


​​​​​​​​​LIFX (BR30) Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb

​We are in an age of smart devices and every device on the market including the bulbs, are jumping on the bandwagon. But how is this even so?

Well, a bulb like LIFX (BR30) Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb boasts some of the most futuristic features you will find such as voice control through Amazon Alexa and smartphone app control. That means you will not need to move a muscle when you need the lights on or off. You shout it out – how cool is that? In fact, cool is an understatement.

One reason that makes natural light the best for makeup illumination is the variety of light colors it boasts. That means natural light provides adequate illumination to see you face as it is – without hiding any blemish – and you can make changes on the makeup as necessary.

Unfortunately, natural lighting is hard to come by, especially indoors or in the early hours of the morning when we have to get up and go to work to sustain our life on the fast lane. Well, with over 16 million colors, the bulb pretty much acts as sufficient cover for the natural light, in the bathroom.

Unfortunately, you will need to purchase the Alexa device separately if you are to enjoy the full features associated with the light – an additional expense but worth it.


​Saint Mossi Chandelier Modern K9 Crystal Raindrop Chandelier Lighting

Saint Mossi Chandelier Modern K9 Crystal Raindrop Chandelier Lighting is one unique light for those interested in making their bathroom appealing. It is quite a great feature to have in any room within your house.

The thing about the chandelier is that it inspires a good feeling in the bathroom. Its appeal is something that is fitting for the bathroom as you bathe or shave. The light also leaves your guests talking about its appeal – not such a bad thing.

Its raindrop design is not only stunning but also constructed from durable materials to give you a long time of service. The materials are real crystals and stainless steel. Together, they form such a spectacle. You can change the bulbs as they burn out but the chandelier appeal remains – quite an important feature!

Assembly is not that difficult. Every piece is easy to join, and you don’t need any technical knowledge.

The chandelier lighting is compatible with LED lighting, meaning that you can install LEDs and benefit from energy savings usually associated with the bulbs. It means that you will get a good quality light for all your bathroom tasks cheaply. The light comes with a dimmable feature to reduce the amount of light as necessary. There are some of us that like our bathrooms with reduced lighting to relax and reflect.

However, the light requires full assembly which can be quite time-consuming. The light is also not appropriate for low roof bathrooms.


​G25 Globe led Bulb Dimmable

​The dimmable feature is gradually becoming a standard in most modern lighting. G25 Globe led Bulb Dimmable stands out like a light with warm white light with a dimmable feature. That means you can vary the lighting as necessary to suit your needs – yes your bathroom needs depending on the mood.

The dimming feature goes as low as 10% form a full light. It is smooth, with no flickers, pausing or even humming. You will enjoy reducing the light to a comfortable level without encountering any challenges along the way – it should be like that; simple.

It boasts proper quality illumination that you can use for makeup application – but you need a few of these in the bathroom for the best results. The light comes with well-balanced lighting, adequate to show an object’s true colors – you will not have to deal with insufficient illumination that makes you look like something else.  

The fixture utilizes LED lights, famed for their light saving feature. You get a decent light that uses minimal energy, and you will no longer have to worry about unmanageable bills. The bulbs easily replace the 60W incandescents with up to 90% efficiency.

It has a long lifespan and will go for many years without the need to replace. And to ensure your safety as you handle the light, it features a UL listing. The light is sufficiently compact to fit any bathroom space, even the mirrors.

Among the shortcomings include the fact that the bulb may be too warm – but you can always use the dimmability feature. They can also have an audible buzz in the process of diming – not quite ideal.


​ET2 E21316-10PC Inca 3-Light Wall Mount Bath Vanity

​Well, the polished chrome color is something to make anyone envy its beauty, especially when sitting in the bathroom. The good thing about this lighting fixture is that you can use it on any bathroom setting – quite ideal.

The ET2 lighting had sufficient illumination for any living space and added to the appealing design becomes quite a great thing to have. The bright white illumination it provides is appropriate for makeup application. However, you may need several of them for this purpose.

ET2 E21316-10PC Inca 3-Light Wall Mount Bath Vanity boasts quality and durable materials to withstand the bathroom damp condition pretty well. It is a light that is ideal for your bathroom.

Some of the associated shortcomings include its high price. It can be quite pricey to acquire, especially when you need several of them to achieve sufficient illumination for makeup application. It might also not be ideal for other applications such as reading and studying. Regardless, it is such an appealing light to have in your guest room, and other rooms.

​The Common Bathroom Lights

​​​​​No doubt our bathrooms play a critical role in our lives. However, the room is more than a place where we refresh our bodies. It is in the bathroom where we adjust our makeup, and it’s where we check whether our new weight loss regimen is working. Consequently, the different functions require varying lights. But which are these lights?

  • Wall lights :

    When at eye level, wall lights are ideal for face cleanup and makeup application. The lights don’t cast shadows on the face like the ceiling lights do, allowing you to see face well. Typically, many wall lights do a better job than single lights on each wall.

    When choosing a wall light, avoid those with diffusers or lampshades as they filter specific light colors. Adequate face illumination for makeup requires a wide variety of light spectrum for the best results. After all, the outdoors do not have filtered lights, and you need to bring out the best version of yourself.

    However, you can have lights with diffusers and shades if your goal is a serene bathroom environment where you can soak your body into warm soapy baths, and relax.

  • Ceiling lights :

    These are great for ambiance and whole room lighting. Ceiling lights cast shadows and are the least ideal for makeup. However, they provide the right amount of ambiance for various activities like bathing and brushing your teeth.

  • Chandelier lights :

    The primary goal of having chandelier lights is an appeal. These varieties are great for impressing our guests and family members that visit. Chandelier lights create a beautiful impression to bring out the best in us. However, you will need to install them a bit higher up to avoid colliding with them as you rush to relieve some pressing matter – if you know what I mean!

  • Natural light  :

    Natural lighting is one of the most ideal for makeup application. The lights illuminate your face and help you see it as others would. There is no sugarcoating here. Natural lighting also helps save on lighting bills, that you would incur if you were to switch that bulb on, every time you were to visit the bathroom.

  • ​Night lights  :

    ​These stay on for the entire duration of the night. Night lights are low energy consumption and provide adequate lighting at the actual locations you use the bathroom such as toilet, and sink.

​Lighting Tips for your Bathroom

One of the primary roles of bathroom lighting is makeup application, even though some do it in their bedrooms. When choosing the best light bulb for makeup application, make sure it is a light that boasts high color spectrum lighting to illuminate your face and body adequately. Fluorescent lighting will help achieve the best makeup shade that compliments the office lighting if it is also fluorescent.

The idea is to have various types of lights that mimic different kinds of lighting environments – you cannot rely on a type of lighting for makeup application.

Having numerous mirrors helps distribute the light throughout the bathroom environment. The ideal location is usually the sink, but no rule says you can’t have several of them in a single room.

In fact, mirrors that sit opposite each other help you inspect your image from different angles. But more importantly, the reflective surfaces distribute the light throughout the room, and you get the best out of a single bulb. No one hates making savings on a piece of lighting.

​Concluding Remarks

​The best light bulbs for bathroom provide sufficient illumination for various bathroom activities such as makeup application. They are appealing and boast other features such as dimmability. And given the damp environment, these lights should be durable, in addition to providing a serene setting, worth every bathroom – the lights should be an encouraging fixture in the bathroom.

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