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5 Best(Unique & Modern) Floor Lamp Reviews

best Floor Lamp

​There is nothing better than going home to a well-lighted room with the right indoor environment. The best floor lamp can be the difference between a relaxing bedroom and additional discomfort.

​Many people adore the soft amber glow that the right floor lamp gifts the living room. The fixtures add a dose of visual complexity to the living space. Their versatility is unmatched in the fact that you can quickly move them, should you decide that they no longer compliment the decor you want to add to the living room. The following are among the best floor lamps you will find on the market.

Lisa Marie 

Best Floor Lamp ​Reviewed Features Analysis

​We have tested the unit from different angles- light emission capacity, performance in high lumen mode, performance in low lumen mode, recharging, charge duration, durability, strength, technical flaws and some other related things. What does our test result say? Check the following Floor Lap Review.

Let’s check out them-


​Ikea 101.398.79 NOT Floor Uplight Lamp

​The floor lamp is one of those light fixtures you can call universal. That means it can fit with a variety of other lights for layering purposes or it can be standalone. And while it utilizes an opal light bulb, you can use the product along with the lampshade that you desire. It is all up to personal preference.

There is a switch for the light bulb, meaning that you can light it separately. The option allows you to choose the best bulb according to your needs. Another good thing about the light is in the assembly, which by all means is a walk in the park – it shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes.

If you are looking for a primary lamp, that will flood the living room with light, to make savings on bills, then the  Ikea unit is reliable in that department.

The floor lamp is easy to maintain and clean. You only need a dust cloth to clean it off dust and other dirt. It is not a hassle to have around. Its height is about 69 inches with a diameter of 10 inches at the base for stability. But, what about durability? Is the lampshade something that will go for years without necessarily requiring replacement after a period of use?

Looks can be deceiving as the seemingly lightweight weight light is heavy and sturdy. The light will faithfully serve you for years until you no longer need it.

Well, if you are tight on budget, and you need something reliable, and not too unfitting, then the lamp shade is more than ideal. It will fit your decor easily, prove an essential piece in light layering, and it is all at an affordable price.

Among the shortcomings include the lack of features that other lamps may have, such as a dimmer switch. Another feature that makes the lamp lose a point is the visible cord which starts at the bulb and goes all the way to the base. The majority of lights on the market have a hidden cord.


​Brightech - Maxwell LED Shelf Floor Lamp

​For a multifunctional lamp that provides soft ambient light, changing the mood of the living space, this light is more than ideal. The wooden floor lamp with a freestanding design is quite attractive. It boasts an ambient glow to make any visitor notice. But that’s not all.

Brightech - Maxwell LED Shelf Floor Lamp features three-tier display shelving you can use to store Blue-Rays and vases among others – things you are not ashamed of letting your visitors see. But it is quite versatile and convenient to use in any room in the house – be it a bedroom or dining.

The off-white shade, the light comes with produces a warm diffused glow that fills the room with soft brightness. The filtered light is easy on your eyes so that you can relax, and maybe catch up with your favorite television show. Its tone is consistent with the type of décor you have in your living room.

It features LED lighting, which is much brighter than the typical bulbs, and even long-lasting. But the best of all is the energy saving quality of LED lights, meaning that you will make significant savings on your utility bills. It has a lifespan of more than 20 years.

The floor lamp is versatile, and you can use it on any room including the bedroom, living room or spa room. It is a light worth the investment you make on it.

But the light may be a little dim for particular applications like reading. The electrical cord hangs directly from the bulb, which is not ideal if you have pets and children. Furthermore, some users have said that the floor lamp is a bit shaky, but that is something you can quickly fix with a few tightening of the screws, here and there.


​Simple Designs LF1014-BLK Floor Lamp Etagere Organizer Storage Shelf with Linen Shade

​There is something stylish about floor lamps that have shelves in their designs. Well, the light comes with three shelves that you can use to keep a few things like beautiful shells, carvings, and pictures that add to the appeal of the light.

The light has a linen shade, responsible for casting a warm and soft glow, ideal for those moments that you need to rest after a tiring day. Its dark frame and shade will fit quite well with the decor that your living room adorns.

Other features include the pull chain for switching it on and off, as is necessary. That means you will not have to fumble in the darkness searching for the switch.

However, you will need to purchase the bulb separately, and some assembly is necessary before you can use the light. The problem is that some people may not know how to go about it, thereby, requiring the services of a handyman – an extra expense. MDF constructions are usually not among the best when it comes to durability.


​Adesso 3677-01 Swivel Floor Lamp

​The floor lamp has a versatile design that makes it suitable for any living space. That means it can easily integrate into the office, massage room, spa or even studio. And unlike most of the other lights, you will find, the lamp has a plastic shade that allows adjustability. You can direct the lamp according to where you want the light to illuminate.

It has a simple and elegant design to grace any living room appropriately. The shade fits the simplistic design perfectly, and you vary it to get the right amount of illumination for your room. It is not that pricey and can buy several of the floor lamps for the other rooms.

To switch the light on or off, there is a rotary socket for that purpose. It is 71.5 inches, adequate height for any lamp. You can use it as a secondary light to add to the brightness, and ambiance in the room.

Adesso 3677-01 Swivel Floor Lamp carries a modern style, which means it will complement most of the current decors that most people have in their living space. But it can, as well, be a limiting factor where you have other types of decor, other than the contemporary. You may also not like the lightweight design; especially if you have pets and children.


T​Tenergy Torchiere Dimmable LED Floor Lamp

​Some of us adore the technological stuff to move with the time, and this is one such lamp that fits the description. The light boasts a contemporary matte metal finish and LED that produces sufficient lighting to serve your needs.

The LED has up to 3000 lumens, enough to illuminate the room for various applications. But the good thing about the LED is its energy saving capability – saves up to 85%, easily.

It comes with a convenient remote to tilt that shade to an appropriate direction and illuminate the space you need. The lamp is touch sensitive and will go on and off at a single touch. You can also smoothly dim the light by holding the torch sensor, up to a comfortable level.

And to save you from repeating the same process, the innovative Tenergy Torchiere Dimmable LED Floor Lamp features an internal memory that will remember the dim settings, even when you switch the lamp off – talk of convenience.

The light has safety features that include a UL-certified adapter that downgrades the voltage from 120V to 24V. Chances of an electrical shock are, therefore, minimal. The lamp also comes with a power cord that is trip-proof. Its 2-piece detachable design prevents tripping accidents.

The shortcomings include the fact that the memory functions only as long as the lamp stays plugged. If there is a power outage, you will have to vary the dimming again the next time you switch it on.

What to Look for when Purchasing Floor Lamps

Everyone knows and appreciates the vital role that floor lamps play in your home. However, there are different varieties and qualities on the market that choosing the right one can be a bit challenging. But fortunately, it is not that difficult a task if you understand what to look for in a potential lamp. 

  • Purpose: There is usually another reason for purchasing a floor lamp apart from lighting. For example, some people want something special, and which will stand out in the living room. They want something that will make visitors go “wow!”  

    But there are also those that need the lamp to play a ‘back room’ role in the entire living room set up, only providing secondary lighting. Determine the purpose for which you want the lamp to fulfill and go right ahead to purchasing it.  

    How you want to use the lamp is another major factor to think about. Is the floor lamp for providing ambiance or reading? A reading light should have the bottom of the shade at eye level when sited. 

  • Style: Lamps come in many varieties and styles, but the best one should be fitting to the room you want to add them. That means they should complement the decor and the furniture as it would appear out of place if it didn’t. For example, a Victorian lamp would not be fitting in a modern decor. 

  • Durability: No one wants a weakling in products and would not touch anything with the clearest indication that it will not last, even with a ten-foot pole. But how do you know a product is there to last or not? What are the signs?

    You cannot expect a durable lamp to be among the cheapest. You have to invest in the best to get the best. There is also the matter of brand. Established brands, associated with quality products are the least likely to disappoint.
  • The Scale: The factor usually is a matter of fashion sense. For example, you cannot choose a small floor lamp for your living room if the furniture is tall. It will just look like something that shouldn’t be there.

    The same case applies if you have a low ceiling. A tall lamp is big ‘No!’ Ideally, you should get a tape measure, and determine the right height, proportional to the ceiling and the furniture.  

  • Color: Well, you can be a little creative and blend different colors of lamps to add something special to your living room. Different colors that match with the overall color scheme of your living room make it seem impressive.
  • Shade: Choose your light depending on the purpose for which you are purchasing the light. For example, a softer ambient light deserves a translucent shade. Only go for an opaque shade if you need to highlight the wall or some painting.  

  • Layering: An essential lesson in interior design is on light layering. Typically, it is necessary to layer lights with floor lamps rather than relying on a single overhead source as it adds character to the room. You can choose lamps of different sizes and designs to add a blend of moods and make your living room genuinely hospitable.

Last Words

The best floor lamp adds something special to your living space that you can always look forward to on a daily basis. It complements the decor and goes further to provide the right ambiance to relax and let off any accumulated stress.

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