Atomic Beam Flashlight Review

Atomic Beam Flashlight Review

​The thing about technology is that it never tires inspiring better and efficient products that are all about convenience. In an age where everything is digital and easier to use, the mention of flashlights is not common, but that does not mean they are growing out of fashion.

If you are going out on a camping trip, you need all the light you can get to illuminate your camp and navigate through the woods.  In the following atomic beam flashlight review, we look at some of the best flashlights you can get to illuminate your path and space, adequately.

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​Atomic Beam Flashlight Reviewed Features

A bulk of user-friendly features has turned the ​Atomic Beam Flashlight to be one of the most significant​ flashlights available out there on the market. We have analyzed most of the vital features.

Let’s check out them-


Atomic Beam Lantern Original by Bulbhead

​ ​If you are planning a camping trip, you are going to need a reliable light that shines sufficiently to allow you to do other activities like reading a book. The light boasts 360 degrees bright light, ideal for your trip deep into nature.

And to make it even more convenient, the
Atomic Beam Lantern Original has several hanging options. You can use the handles to hang it on a nail or branch. You can still use the magnetic base to stick it on a metallic surface, such as your car.

It is a versatile lantern that you can use on a camping trip when the lights go off or on a fishing trip. The lantern is one of those lights that you can depend on during emergencies. It will need three AA batteries for it to work effectively – they are easily available.

But it has several shortcomings among them its inability to accept rechargeable batteries. It does not come with a knob to adjust the light – not a good thing especially when you have kids around. The light may not be as durable as the manufacturers claim. Some users point out melting LED strips


​Atomic Beam Lantern by Bulbhead

You need a reliable, bright light LED, when you are out camping, to illuminate those precious moments. The Atomic Beam Lantern provides adequate light that shines 360 degrees – there are no dark spots behind.

The LED light lantern has features that make it convenient to use and store as most of the atomic beam lantern reviews will tell you. For example, it comes with a magnetic base that allows you to stick it on a metallic surface, and you don’t have to worry about tipping it over. You can also use handles to transport the light around the camp or wherever the dark location you are staying.

The light features an easy pull/ push mechanism to turn the light on-off when necessary. Essentially, it is an ideal light for those boating trips or blackouts that hit your area.

Among the shortcomings include the inability to vary the bright light when needed. The lantern may not be as bright as some people expect it to be, as the illumination of the chicken shed or crib. Some users even complain of durability issues – it is mainly plastic, and may disintegrate or stop working when it falls off your hand.


​Atomic Beam LED Flashlight

​With 10,000 lux, the Atomic Beam LED flashlight is among those products that we can comfortably refer to as the top of the range. The LED variety is two times the brightness of the Atomic Beam Flashlight – you can imagine the brightness.

The Cree flashlight boasts adjustable bulbs for floodlight or the spotlight mode – useful, especially when outdoors like camping. It comes with five modes you can choose from depending on needs and preference. The LED flashlight is a useful light that should be part of your car tools kit.

It is weather resistant and shockproof for durability. The LED flashlight is a product that will be your faithful companion for years. However, you should take care as the light is not water resistant.

Other possible shortcomings include the fact that there are brighter options out there – it claims to be the best.


​​What are Atomic Beam Flashlights and what Makes them so Popular

​The atomic beam flashlights are the new generation of flashlights, more efficient and brighter than your typical flashlight. Despite the name, the light does not contain any nuclear material. It boasts some of the best features that include portability and power – it is the kind of light you can rely on when out on a hunting expedition.

The construction is quality materials that include an aluminum casing, tough-grade, portable and lightweight. That means your 5-inch long flashlight is more comfortable to carry in your trouser pocket and take any abuse that may come its way – you can never be too careful, our there in the wild.

It features an impressive 5000 lux beam and five lighting modes – exiting! The high beam capability makes the light one of the most powerful you will ever come across. There’s also the medium beam you can choose from when you don’t need too much light. The low beam mode is even lower, and adequate for a camping environment. It also features the strobe mode, which you can use to blind an individual and fend off an attack temporarily.  The SOS mode is as the name indicates; you can use it to make yourself visible to others when lost, and alone in the woods.

It has a comfortable grip that will not make your hands easily tire – you can hold it for longer. The knurled grips are non-slip and smooth, smoother than your average torch grip.

You will find a zoom functionality, 2000X coupled with to and from head movement, for more natural use. The forward movement is for zooming the light in while the back movement zooms out – it’s not rocket science to use.

The light is eco-friendly, and will not emit any harmful fumes. It is something safe.

​Final Word

The Atomic Beam Flashlight and lantern are without a doubt, among the best lights you will find on the market. They are convenient, and shine reliably for longer, and better than your ordinary battery lights. So when you require light to use on your next camping trip, you have a light you can reliably call on for efficient illumination.

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