Are Fenix Flashlights Good?

If you are going to buy flashlight from Fenix then you need to know first, are Fenix flashlights good or not. Before going to that point let’s know about this company a little bit. Fenix is a Chinese manufacturer of flashlights; they made their debut 2004. Since the arrival, Fenix sure has stacked many awards under its name. But let’s be honest when it comes to a product coming from China, the first thing which comes up in our mind is will it last? The company specializes in making very efficient AA, AAA, C-sized and pocket sized flashlights with high lumen output. But the real questions stands, are the flashlights good enough?

Are Fenix Flashlights Good 

About Fenix

Are Fenix flashlights good

Fenix is one of China’s national high-tech enterprise specialized in Research and Development, manufacturing and sale of outdoor sports lighting tool including flashlights, headlamps, etc. With their new innovative lighting and solutions, they have taken the height of led flashlights to a whole new level. They operate in over 100 countries and Fenix Lighting the US, based in Colorado, is a primary distributor of the brand in the United States. Fenix aims to be the best outdoor sports lighting brand in the world.

With just 12 years after its introduction, the company has many awards to its name, with the recent being the Annual Domestic Brand Gear award. Apart from this Fenix also has won the single-product brand of the year in 2014 and much more. With the claims of aiming to be the best, the company is sure on the right track, and the awards are there back the talk. With the awards and their achievements we can safely say the brand is trustworthy

Fenix Product Line

Fenix has a variety of flashlights at their disposal each with their unique design and specialty. They have a current of five series of the flashlight which is sold all over the globe. Each series have some products to choose from starting with the E-series of flashlights to the LD and the PD series. Then we also have the RC and TK series.

The E-series are the most affordable models of the brand, but you can be assured with this brand they still provide high-quality light. The models under this series are very energy-efficient, portable and light weighted. But sure are durable and even water resistant 6.6 feet or 2 meters. The popular being the E21 which uses the creed led technology.

Fenix E Series_Are Fenix flashlights good

The PD series is one of their best series and each model from this series is the perfect companion for the outdoor enthusiast. The center of attraction in the series being the PD 35 tactical edition, which can be used both as a tactical or outdoor flashlight. With its intelligent design to give you an edge, to choose between tactical and outdoor mode and also the light output. And it is powered by rechargeable batteries.

Fenix PD Series_Are Fenix flashlights good

Fenix PD 35_Are Fenix flashlights good

The LD series are portable and deliver you with the highly efficient optical system. All models in this series are powered by AA or AAA batteries making your job easier when shopping for batteries. The models are energy efficient, and the durability is longer than you would expect.

Fenix LD Series_Are Fenix flashlights good

The TK series can be said probably the most original series of Fenix. Each model in the series designed to be handled in an extreme environment. The durability does not need to be questioned as they are tested for harsh conditions and is highly damage resistant.

Fenix TK Series_Are Fenix flashlights good

The RC series currently has two models in its belt, the RC15 with a custom 18650 battery which comes with a charging port, and the RC40 with variety modes of light output for you to choose from.

Fenix RC20_Are Fenix flashlights good

Each series comes with its unique specifications but we can say they all have a thing in common which is to satisfy the customers’ needs let it be for the use in indoors, outdoors or even tactical. Fenix makes its products last just like its brand.  


The company chose the right name to be its brand. Like the Greek mythological fire bird, Fenix too is today’s light. We hope this article has been helpful to you. Before we say our goodbyes, we would like to answer your question. Are Fenix flashlights good? Yes! They are not only good but are one of the best in the field. So next time when you go for shopping for flashlights, and your eyes catch the name Fenix be assured you won’t be disappointed.

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