Are Cree flashlights any good?

We would like to start off by not answering the question are Cree flashlights any good? Right away, but instead, fill you up on Cree the company itself.

Cree is one of the leading LED manufacturing company based in Durham, North Carolina. Cree introduced itself in 1989 with the blue LED. People often talk about Cree flashlights, but in reality, it is not the torches which made the company famous instead the LED inside the torch.


Are Cree Flashlights Any Good?


Are Cree flashlights any good

Cree is one of the leading names in the world of LED. Most the famous brands use Cree LED in their flashlights. Such are the reasons why people call it Cree flashlights.

Cree LED can be found in all sizes, from a key chain flashlight to the modern one. If you are going for a review of Cree flashlights, it would be the same as reading a review for any traditional brand flashlights even a tactical one. As we said earlier, Cree makes many different models of LEDs which ranges in lumens and colors.

Are Cree flashlights any good

We all had those Cree LED bulbs for our house lighting and those things were lit, speaking from personal experience. The bulbs have the exact amount of lumens we need to light up our homes. And if Cree’s LED technology is used in a flashlight you can be assured they won’t disappoint you. From popular brands like Fenix to Streamlight, they prefer using Cree LED in their flashlight models, so if you are asking if Cree flashlights are good. Yes, my friends, they stand up to their name.

Are Cree flashlights any good

Development of Cree

Cree is not a name just for LEDs; the company hasn’t stopped there. It is always researching and developing its technology to make the world brighter and colorful. From their light bulbs to LEDs to their lighting solutions, the primary goal is to satisfy their customers all around the world.


Popular Flashlight Models Using Cree LEDs


Vizeri tactical flashlight

Vizeri LED tactical flashlights use the Cree XML or XRE Q5. The LED used are military grade and is comparatively brighter than most of the flashlights available.


Thrunite TN12

Thrunite TN12 has 1050 lumens and uses Cree XM L2-U2 LED. It is same as the XML but brighter which you would come to expect from Cree technology, getting brighter and brighter.


Streamlight Pro-Tac 2L

Streamlight Pro-Tac 2L they may sell promoting their C4 technology, but rest assured they use Cree LEDs exclusively.


Cree’s New Improved LED


cree xp-g 2_Are Cree flashlights any good

XLamp XP-G2 delivers up to 30% more lumen in comparison to its original model the XP-G. It not only provides brighter light but is also cost efficient. It is optimized for high lumen application, from indoor to outdoor, to portable flashlights and lamps.


Cree XP-L_Are Cree flashlights any good

XLamp XP-L is the first of its kind, a single-die LED, which delivers up to 200 lumens per watt at just 350 mA. This is one of the brightest LED in the Cree family, redefining performance, cost, and size of LED lighting. It is the first commercially available single-die LED.


XLAMP XQ-A_Are Cree flashlights any good

XLAMP XQ-A is a compact ceramic package which enables a mid-power, cost effective option. Unlike the plastic mid-power LEDs, the ceramic-based XQ-A LED is designed to give a longer lifetime. It is available in both white and other color configuration. The XQ-A with its design has opened up many possibilities concerning vehicles and even portable flashlights.


Battery Usage of Cree LEDs

The modern flashlights use rechargeable AA batteries. When it comes to a Cree LED battery usage, it is not a surprise now to know they are very efficient and profitable. The LEDs are designed to deliver high lumens per watt consumption. Cree LEDs have a longer lifespan compared to the other LEDs manufactured in the world.

The Best using the Best

When the best of the folks use the best, we shouldn’t have second thoughts about it. The best brands in the world of flashlights use Cree LEDs in their flashlight. Some we have talked about earlier in this article. No matter the purpose whether a handheld or tactical flashlights, manufacturers prefer using the Cree family LEDs. Some of them are Nitecore, Fenix, Streamlight, Surefire and even Thrunite.

Final Words

Hope this article has helped you in your question, are Cree flashlights any good. Cree might not manufacture flashlights, but you can sure bet your money on any flashlight with a Cree LED. If you are looking for the best LED, Cree is the name to your answer. Global brands are choosing Cree so why shouldn’t you.

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